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Here is the List of Companies for which ME/Mtech Computer science/Software System(2017-2019) students were eligible.

CompaniesC.G.P.APS Clause
AmazonAbove 7.0
VmwareAbove 7.0
CiscoAbove 7.0 Yes
NetappAbove 7.0Yes
IntelAbove 7.0Yes
SanDiskAbove 7.0Yes
AppleAbove 7.0
IBM Business Development GroupAbove 7.0
IBM SecurityAbove 6.0
National InstrumentAbove 7.0Yes
Deutche BankAbove 7.0Yes
EA GamesAbove 6.5
Dell R&DAbove 6.0Yes
OYO RoomsAbove 7.0
Happay Above 6.0
PayPalAbove 7.0
Samsung r&DAbove 7.0
LenskartAbove 5.8

Apart from above companies , there were around 150+ companies more in the list of companies available but most of the students got distributed among the above companies

Amazon gave PPO to all the interns 🙂