Important JSON/Json Conversion Tricks

To convert Jsonstring into Map<String,Object> we can use the following code:

	String msg="{"id":"123"}";
	Map<String, Object> inputEvent = (Map<String, Object>) ESMapper
                        .jsonToMap(new JsonParser().parse(msg).getAsJsonObject());

   //Another Method
   Map<String, Object> inputEvent = new ObjectMapper().readValue(msg, Map.class);

To read from the file and converting it into JSONObject and setting up the value in it we use following code:

         /*Contents of the json file  */
          "Code": "Event",
          "id": "order",
          "randomId": "14c42-526af7764f64",
          "timestampEventOccurred": "2019-06-26T13:40:16+0000",
          "timestampEventReceived": "2019-06-26T13:40:16+0000"

        String content = getJsonFromFile("data/jsonfile.json");
        JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(content);
        jsonObject.setValue("tenantId", id);
        String newcontent = jsonObject.toString();