Member of Technical Staff | Oracle Interview Experience

  • I was contacted by the HR of oracle saying that there is a opening for MTS position and whether I would like to apply for it.I was looking for a change and said yes , so after probably 1.5 weeks my first phone screen round was scheduled.(Every round was virtual)
    Phone Screen Round (Date : 17th November 2020) : There was a simple introduction from both sides and then some basic question upon resume then I was straight away asked two coding question which I had to in Coderpad.
    Question were:
    1 ) Find if a String is a Substring of another String without using built in function.
    2 ) Follow up Question : Find if one String is a rotation of another String using only one call to the above made function.
    Both the question had to be solved fully solved instead of functions. After coding the interviewer tested the code with some basic test case and it was done.

    After about a week I got the call from the HR to tell him date for scheduling 5 rounds of interviews.
    All rounds happened on a single day 11th December 2020.

    Tech_Operation round (First round) : I had no idea what this round was about as this was very new to me.The interviewer was a senior guy from Bangalore.Interview began with some formal introduction and basic discussion from the resume.All the question asked in this round was related to docker , Kubernetes and Jenkins.Some of the question which I remember is (not in any sequence):
    What is Docker?
    What is container?
    What is a pod?
    What is persistence volume mount?
    How to deploy container?
    What is DOCKERFILE and how to write it??
    What are the levels in jenkins pipeline in my current company?
    What is Vulnerability Scan Phase?
    What is Static Analysis Phase?
    How to check the code quality?
    How to resolve merge conflicts in Git?
    What is version Control?
    What is a Microservice?
    How to authenticate using curl command?
    How to debug in Kubernetes cluster??

    Hiring Manger Round (Second Round): This was a general hiring manager round with lots of behavioral and leadership type question. Some of the question was(not in any sequence):
    Explain the Project in detail??
    Explain the part in which u took the ownership of the service??
    Explain the scenario where you proposed initial solution which was rejected and then it was accepted?
    Explain the scenario where you did a mistake and what steps did you follow to solve it?
    Explain how Microservices handles different condition of overload?
    Why do you want to change ??
    How do you resolve a production level code bug?

    TECH_DESIGN Round (Third Round) : This interview was taken by a girl from Bristol (U.K). This round was called design round but I was two coding question but before that there was a formal introduction from both the sides and some discussion of the current project.
    Coding question was kind of this:
    D A R K
    I. A
    R. T
    T. A M E

    Given a set of 4 strings .. return all the possible set of strings which formed a word square as above.
    Follow up question was : given 4 strings , tell if they can form a word square or not.
    Since I had completed the interview 20 minutes before we had some random talks about the working culture of India and UK.Also we discuss about how do we keep updated about the latest technologies.This round was good.

    TECH_CODING Round(Fourth Round) : This interview was also taken by a guy from Bristol(U.K). Same as before there was a formal introduction and after that there was some leadership type question same as previous hiring manager round and then I was asked two easy coding question.
    Coding question was:
    Reverse a Linked list.
    Follow up question :Reverse a sub-list by calling above function once.
    I had to write full production level code and test the code with some sample test case.I was also asked Time Complexity and Space Complexity.

    BAR_RAISER Round(Final Round) : This was the toughest round I faced.The interviewer was from Seattle (US).
    After brief introduction about the team and myself he directly asked the coding question which I didn’t expected since I heard that in Bar raiser round only HR type question are asked.
    Coding question was:
    Given an array and hash function.WAP to shuffle the array in-place according to the hash function passed in O(n) time.
    Example: array:[4,2,8,6]. f(x) – > x/2 -1 ;
    output :[ 2,4,6,8]
    Explanation: when x->4 f(4) = 1 ; we place 4 at 1 index;
    when x->2 f(2) = 0 ; we place 2 at 0 index;
    when x->8 f(8) = 3 ; we place 8 at 3 index;
    when x->6 f(6) = 2 ; we place 6 at 2 index;

    I could not solve this question even half and I was stuck while coding .
    Follow up question was->considering I have solved the above question Can I reduce the space complexity of 2-sum problem(original 2-sum problem can be solved in O(n) time and space).

Verdict:Selected 🙂