PowerMockito for Mocking and testing

Basics of simple Mocking a test class is given here:

There is another way of mocking and unit testing i.e PowerMockito.So here is a small snippets:

	class B{
      protected void method1(){
        //some code
      protected void method2(args obj1 , string obj2){
        //some code
      protected Map<String,Object> method3()
        Map<String,int> mp = new Hashmap<>();
        return mp;

	B b; 
    public void setup() throws Exception {
       MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this);    //this is necessary for enabling the annotation
       b = PowerMockito.spy(new B());   //creating the object of another class uisng spy
       PowerMockito.doReturn(mockObjects).when(b, "method1");   //mocking the return value of another class method
       PowerMockito.doNothing().when(b, "method2",mockDataFetchingEnv, "simpleFilter"); //Mocking and doing nothing when method of different class is called with args 
       int count =  PowerMockito.doReturn(1).when(b, "method3");

We can use PowerMockito and Mockito together but not in the same class.I use PowerMockito to mock the method of different class and gets it return value.