Software Engineer | Amagi Labs and Interview Experience

Amagi Labs:

I was contacted by HR to schedule the first round of interview for the company.

Technical Interview (First Round): This was purely based on java skills and coding knowledge only in java. Some of the question asked was:

I enjoyed this round very much.

Verdict: Rejected 🙂

Repute.Net :

I was contacted by some consultancy to give the interview for this company. This company was an early-stage startup that was working on my favorite topic i.e Blockchain and I really liked the use case of this company.

Founder (First Round): This round was taken by the founder of the company. There was a formal introduction from my side and then he explained the use case of the project and about his company on how they are using decentralized blockchain concepts to solve a real-world problem.
He asked me some behavioral question like :
Why do you want to change etc?
then he asked some puzzle related question:
First Question: Given a tournament of 10 teams.How many rounds you will need to do find a winner if the tournament is happening in a round-robin manner. Give an optimized approach.
Second Question: Given 9 balls of which one ball is a defective one. find the defective one in a minimum number of measures.
Third Question: Follow up on the second question: The defective ball can be heavier or lighter. Now find the minimum number of measures to find the defective ball.
The interview ended with me asking some formal question

Technical Round (Second Round): This round was taken by a software engineer who directly jumped to coding questions.
First Question: Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit if there can be only one transaction.
Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit if there can be at most 3 transactions.
Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit if there can be an infinite transaction.
Second Question:

This round also ended with me asking some formal question:

Co-founder(Third Round): This round was taken by another founder and the round began with him asking the details of my project and some tech stack related question like:
1) What is the role of Kafka in your project??
2) How partition is divided in the Kafka topic??
3) How microservice is reading from a particular topic and particular partition??
4) What are the components of Kafka??
5) What is elastic search??
6) What are red, yellow, green symbols in the ES index??
7) How do you check for the ES index is up or down??
Then he asked me a coding question in which we had to apply the logic of this question:
I got stuck in one of the corner cases due to which my answer came out to be wrong and time got over.

Second Question: Design LLD for User Management System.

Verdict: Rejected