Software Engineer II | Microsoft interview Experience

Technical Round (First Round ): Only one question asked which was a coding question
The question was: Given K1 and k2 and a target node print all the nodes that are at a distance of k1…k2 from the target node and return the array. The code has to be production-ready and should be tested with some sample test cases. I ran the code and it was running fine except for one or two cases.

Technical Round (Second Round): Two Question were asked
1 Question: It was something kind of valid URL question which was to be done using stack.An easy question. I did it with deque to make it easier.
2nd Question: Some design-related question which ultimately boiled down to creating a Balanced Binary Search Tree.Cannot remember the exact question.

Design Round (Hiring Manager Round): Introduction between two of us and a lot of questions on a resume. There was some behavioral question as well. One Design question was asked
Question: Given a lot of IoT devices that are continuously transmitting the data we have to create a service in between which is able to take the data the relay it to other services.
A lot of cross-questioning and a good discussion.

Senior Hiring Manager (Fourth Round): Easy round with normal HR question asked.