Software Engineer | Turvo Interview Experience

I got contacted by the recruiter of Turvo and she shared with me the link for the Hacker rank test which consisted of 3 questions (1 medium and 2 easy)
Qualification criteria: solve two easy ones or 1 medium
I solved 2 easy ones and 1 medium(half test cases).

Technical Round (First Round): Initial discussion on resume and project done in the current company.Lots of questions involving behavioral questions and tech stack-related questions.
I was asked one coding question
similar to:

Technical Round(Second Round): I was asked initially to introduce myself and then some project-related questions from the resume.
First Question:
Follow Up Question:
Second Question:
(above question is one of the difficult problems..I had been asked this question before in one interview where I was not able to give the answer but then I practiced this question and was able to answer this time.)
Third Question: (Only Approach)

Hiring Manager Round (Final Round): As I was not interested in the position and the manager came to know this through some questions. we had some normal daily life talks not related to anything about the job and tech for about one hour.

Verdict: Rejected 🙂